Life Insurance Does Not Have To Cost Much


None of us like to think about the worst happening. That's why it's essential to have life insurance. An excellent policy could easily help cover mortgage and childcare costs as well as help secure a good education for your children and safeguard your loved ones from inheriting your debts.

Unfortunately, a shocking number of Americans do not have life insurance, which could leave their family financially devastated if the worst should happen.  The reason according to recent studies, is most people think they have to pay three times more for life insurance than they need to. In reality, you can find very inexpensive policy for ages 0-85 if you know where to look.  Let us do the work for you and match you with the best state regulated companies to suit your needs.


Services We Provide:

  • Complementary Policy Review

  • Free Information on the New State Regulated Benefits

  • Free Health Care Discount Card for Dental, Vision, Hearing, Medical Lab Testing &  Prescription

  • Illustrations on Life Insurance Retirement plan based on S&P 500 Index

  • Mortgage Protection



  • Contracted with agency

  • Limited company options

  • Restrictions on health qualifications

  • Limited Support & assistance with other health needs

  • Life long premiums


  • Contractual obligation to Clients

  • Appointed directly with carriers to insure accuracy and lowest possible cost

  • Variety of products to meet the needs of clients

  • Life long products designed to financially better clients

  • Paid up policy option


Term Life

  • Level Term - Premiums and benefit remain the same for a specific period of time

  • Level Benefit Annual Renewal Term - Premiums increase every year until policy becomes too expensive

  • Level Benefit with 5 year rate increase - Premiums increase every 5 years becoming too expensive

Whole Life

  • Premiums and benefit remain the same for Life

  • Builds cash value that you can borrow from

  • Premiums never increase and the benefits never decrease

  • Cash growth can allow you to have a paid up policy

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